The Voiceless

The Voiceless:  Guest Post by Pastor David Morris, Grace Church of the Valley

Normally I’d be on a sidewalk outside of Planned Parenthood on this rainy Friday morning. However, for the last few days I’ve been sick and have lost most of my voice. Funny thing is that no one has even suggested that my life should end because I’ve temporarily lost my voice. No one has said that my life isn’t valuable just because I can’t say many words. But every day abortionists kill voiceless humans numbering into the thousands.

Part of the evil of abortion is its oppressive cruelty. Abortion takes a voiceless, defenseless human being and ends his or her life, in part merely because it can. The unborn cannot shout “stop” as the poison needle approaches their hearts. They cannot lobby the government for protection, cannot organize protest marches, cannot get interviews on the six o’clock news. They are voiceless in their death, silently slipping into their graves of medical waste containers.

Abortionists join a long but inglorious list of oppressors throughout human history. From the brutality of Attila the Hun to the raping and pillaging of the Vikings, from the final solution of Hitler to the four year multi-million killings of Pol Pot, from the human rights atrocities of Saddam to the current violence of ISIS, the strong have long taken advantage of the weak. But as in all those cases, might does not make right. It is not right to kill innocent human lives. Inability to resist, or how much stronger one person is than another, ought never justify oppression. Quite the opposite is true. Those with power have the moral and societal duty to do good to the weak, the vulnerable, the voiceless. Yet every day, abortion doctors use their power to destroy the weak instead of protecting them, to end life instead of nurturing it, to oppress the voiceless instead of caring for them.

But they are only voiceless if you plug your ears to the evidence. Their brain waves shout, “I’m a thinking, functioning human!” Every heart beat drums the reality of their life. Each unique piece of their DNA cries, “I’m not just another part of my mother. I’m my own life!” Their flinching, squirming reaction to the grip of forceps or invasion of needles demands either your recognition or your apathy, but in this day of medical evidence you cannot be ignorant that the unborn know and respond to pain.

The unborn are also voiceless only if you plug your ears to the pro-life movement. You can hear the unborn as we speak for them week in and week out. “I’m a person. It’s not right to kill me.” You can read it on our signs outside of abortion clinics across America. “Abortion stops my heart from beating.” You can hear it from the thousands at the annual March for Life. “You have killed thousands of us, but thousands you haven’t care about us.” You can read it in article after article arguing the medical, moral, or societal reasons abortion is wrong. You can hear it from faithful churches, repentant doctors, and grieving mothers. “I wasn’t just a medical procedure. I was a person.”

Finally, the unborn will remain voiceless only if we will not speak for them. Who will stand up for them if not us? If you have not taken any action for the unborn, why not? Would you ever knowingly allow your neighbors to be robbed and beaten without raising an alarm? Would you turn a blind eye to the gas chambers in your German neighborhood? Would you let your third-grade child be bullied day in and day out by that junior high thug? Ours is the responsibility to care for the weak, to defend the oppressed, to speak for the voiceless. 

And we will speak until there is no more need to speak. We will appeal for the abolition of human abortion until it ends or until our voices are silenced. When we look back on history, oppression will be seen as the evil that it is. And those who stood against the evil will also have their final vindication. Voiceless humans are being killed today. Are you for them or against them?

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