More Scientists Reconsider Intelligent Design as Ebola Virus Dumbfounds Darwinian Thought


Of all the testimonies to the existence of our God and Creator, Ebola seems like an unlikely advocate for Intelligent Design. But in the science and biochemistry world, this notorious virus is causing many Darwinian scientists to rethink this whole God thing. As quoted in an article “Ebola Utterly Mysterious to Darwinists” posted by the Baptist Press News (click here to read):

        Viruses in general are “utterly mysterious” to advocates of a “Darwinian process” because “there is no good theory at all for how any virus came about,” Michael Behe said, adding that the most reasonable explanation for viruses is an intelligent Creator.

In the midst of an ethic dominated by Darwinian thought, one of the most significant recent developments is the intelligent design movement within the field of biochemistry, which, as we can see in the case of the Ebola virus mystery above, is rapidly picking up steam. Scientists who include Michael Behe (quoted above) are arguing that Darwinian evolution simply cannot begin to account for the extreme complexity of the machinery within cells, which is now visible at the subatomic level. A number of mainstream scientists have now gone on record as rejecting the randomness of evolution in favor of intelligent design – and more continue to do so every day.

This movement away from Darwinian evolution may serve at the very least to challenge people to rethink their fatalistic and nihilistic assumptions about human behavior. Specifically, behaviors like abortion.

Because ultimately, the unspoken but underlying premise of abortion is survival of the fittest. But that dogma is now being challenged as people reconsider whether there is in fact an intelligent Designer behind our intelligent design. By acknowledging a Creator some are beginning to return to the concept of a moral Judge who will hold us accountable for our actions toward the youngest and weakest of our kind.

When we succumb to the ideologies of a world made at random, the ONLY logical outcome of a thinking mind would be to follow in the footsteps of Peter Singer, bioethics professor at Princeton University. Singer makes it no secret that he believes the unborn and many infants and handicapped people don’t deserve to live and should be eliminated.

The scariest thing about Singer is not that he is so far “out there”, but that he is one of the few people willing to honestly take the Darwinistic abortion mentality to its logical conclusions.

While it is possible to reason with unbelievers on moral and ethic grounds (many who deny God unknowingly plant their moral foundations in a Judeo-Christian moral foundation), let us not forget that the first step in reasoning with others – especially in areas as vital as human abortion – is to testify to the existence of our mighty God.

God gave us minds to think, and the ability to reason in ALL areas of human observation… even Ebola in the realm of biochemistry testifies to our Creator! So arm yourself with knowledge, gird yourself with wisdom, and know that when speaking out for the unborn, God Almighty – and all the truth that He is and represents – is behind you!

God Bless and keep fighting the good fight.

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