Pro-Life Hypocrisy Exposed: Regulating Abortion instead of Abolishing It.

Pro-Life Hypocrisy Exposed:  Regulating Abortion instead of Abolishing It.
There is a conflict of interest for professionals in the pro-life movement, they will be out of a job if abortion is abolished.  Maybe this is one reason why those “pro”-life groups are not supporting abolishing abortion bills.  You can know a tree by its fruit, and there is some rotten fruit in the pro-life movement.

Here is the evidence, you can examine it for yourself.  In 2016 Oklahoma tried to get a bill passed that would abolish abortion completely in Oklahoma.  Most would assume that National Right to Life and the statewide group “Oklahomans for Life” would get behind it, right?  Of course these “Pro” pro-life people would support it, they’re for life, right?  Well sadly, it turns out they did not support this bill.  https://abolishabortionok.com/does-oklahomans-for-life-really-oppose-the-bill-to-abolish-abortion/

Turns out National Right to Life, and local right to life groups are actually more pro regulating the abortion industry, than actually pro-life.  They like to fight for cleaner killing facilities, killing done with pain meds, and regulating abortion but not abolishing it.  They would rather defund Plan Parenthood, than actually criminalize abortion.  The fruit of the Right to Life groups and “Pro” pro-lifers, is similar to the pro-aborts mantra of wanting abortion safe, legal, and rare.   When given opportunities to abolish abortion completely again and again they are exposed for their hypocrisy.

The hypocrisy continued when Ohio had a chance to ban abortions after a baby’s heart is beating, but the pro-life groups, along with their “pro-life” governor John Kasich did not support the bill.  Instead they supported a bill that allowed unborn children to be killed up to 20 weeks. How can you really be pro-life when you’re okay with killing the unborn before 20 weeks, or before there is a heartbeat for that matter.  Rather than really being pro life, they were just pretending. (https://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/13/us/kasich-ohio-heartbeat-abortion-bill.html)

Like Ohio, Iowa and Tennessee also introduced bills to ban abortion after a baby’s heart is beating.   Unfortunately, also like Ohio, the national and local Right to Life groups in Tennessee and Iowa are not backing these bills.
Read about Iowa here: (http://nymag.com/thecut/2017/01/new-heartbeat-bill-in-congress-would-constitute-a-total-abortion-ban.html)
Read about Tennessee here: (http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/politics/2017/01/26/heartbeat-abortion-bill-introduced-tennessee-legislature/97086006)

Recently in Texas State Rep. Tony Tinderholt filled a bill to criminalize abortion in Texas.  He had to be placed under protection because he was receiving death threats following his filing of that bill.  The bill is for the abolition of abortion act HB 948.  The bill would protect all children in Texas beginning at fertilization: http://abolishabortiontx.com/

Like the other bills to ban abortion the Right to Life groups are not supporting it.   Some pro-life celebrities were reached out to to find out if they supported these bills.  Sadly, Abby Johnson does not.

16473028_10210273779573192_5999044443111996111_nRequest from other “Pro” Pro-lifer like Scott Klusendorf, Jill Stanek, Josh Braham, and Clinton Wilcox to see if they stood for the bill to abolish abortion in Texas were ignored.  Their silence is speaking to their position.  Why would we single out these various people and Right to Life? Simple, if you are sending them money you might be under the impression they are trying to abolish abortion, when if fact they are more interested in regulating abortion.  Or maybe you are thinking about having them come to speak at your church but  if they can’t throw their weight behind a bill that abolishes abortion they are salt-less and worthless. You either are for abolishing abortion or you’re not. If you are you get behind a bill to abolish it. If you’re not you hide in the shadows when bills like this come out and you should be exposed.

The fact that they are silent about this, or they oppose it outright exposes them.  Now prayerfully their hearts will change and they will say, “I support this bill and any bill to abolish abortion.” When that happens publically, this post will be updated.

People have speculated they are not openly supporting bills for abolition because they  think they will fail, like Abby.  Please pray for these people because they are displaying unbelieving faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God  (Hebrews 11:6).  Those being silent on this are being cowardly, faithless, and unbelieving which is right there with murderers (Rev 21:8).  This cowardliness gets unborn humans killed every day.

There is a reason cowardly, faithless, and unbelieving is mentioned right there with murder.   Our lack of urgency, fear of man, and apathy is why abortion has been legal 44 years and counting.   The truth is most of the sidewalks outside of the killing places are empty even though babies are saved when people show up.   Most of these professional speakers are too cowardly, to be on a sidewalk to save a life, they are cowardly, faithless, and unpleasing to God. And when the chance comes to abolish abortion they ignore it and do not support it.

Love for you unborn neighbor is not a spiritual gift, it is a command.

For those who don’t know what PAETTPLM means, “Put an end to the pro life movement” for the reasons mentioned above and work towards abolition if you’re really for life.

Update: “Brian Harris, president of Tennessee Right to Life, (on the heartbeat abortion ban)said the proposals seem well-intended but are unconstitutional under existing law and could harm ongoing legal cases if passed.”

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