Pro-abort mad! Pro-abort smash!


Just yesterday, a member of Abolish Human Abortion California suggested we rate and review our local abortion clinic on Facebook. Which is a great idea. Some people truly have no idea when they go in for their “free” (taxpayer funded) services that babies are killed in the building they are walking into. A Facebook review providing truthful information is well within the guidelines of honest feedback and information sharing.

Of course, it didn’t take long before the review option for Planned Parenthood clinics was seemingly disabled. (Can’t take the heat get out of the slaughterhouse, maybe?) While this instance was simply one of censorship, it reminded me of a study I did a few years ago, which I’d like to share with you all.

First off, seasoned abolitionists have long known a simple fact – pro-aborts tend to be an angry lot. Anger, outbursts and attacks range from the verbal to the physical. In my time as an abortion abolitionist, I’ve been kicked, pushed, screamed at and I’ve even received a number of personal death threats – imagine that, coming from the pro-death crowd! Total shocker.

One thing that I will never tire of marveling at is the total hypocrisy of those that stand for ‘choice’. Pro-choicers claim to care for young girls – all while advocating protecting the men who rape and molest them. Pro-choicers parade around shrieking about women’s health – all while censoring pertinent medical information regarding abortion (increased risk of breast cancer, psychological trauma, inability to conceive, etc.) Really, the list goes on and on.

Any virtuous thing that a pro-abort stands for is almost guaranteed to have a deep, ugly hypocrisy attached. At this moment I’d have to say my favorite is the hypocrisy of pro-aborts running around physically and verbally assaulting pro-lifers, all the while pretending to live in perpetual terror of ‘anti-choice violence’.

Despite the fact that we pro-lifers are continuously battling abuse from those who advocate stabbing kids in the back of the neck and sucking their brains out, the pro-life / abortion abolitionist movement is unquestionably the most peaceful social movement of all time.

The National Abortion Federation website shows a very impressive 159,616 incidents of “violence and disruption” and “terrorism” from pro-lifers in the U.S. and Canada during the time period of 1977-2008. Members of the media often parrot this number unquestioningly, giving the impression that thousands of brave pro-aborts are regularly being killed or injured by crazy rosary-toting, cross-wielding pro-lifers.

Now, pardon my impertinence in questioning the credibility of those who have founded an industry on distorting the truth, but let’s take a moment to examine these numbers.

139,915, roughly 88% of the NAF’s incidents of “violence and disruption” were peaceful picketing, demonstrations and sidewalk counseling. Seriously. Perhaps we should not be so surprised that pro-aborts regard stationary and silent teenagers with red tape over their mouths as “acts of violence”, when in their little fantasy world the ‘right’ to abortion is so sacrosanct that it may not even be violated by people exercising their First Amendment rights.

12,922, about 8.5% of NAF’s listed incidents were “hate mail / harassing phone calls” or “e-mail / internet harassment”, such as Facebook reviews warning potential clients that “babies are slaughtered here”. While I don’t doubt that people have been moved to extreme anger or passion while writing to their local abortuary, I seriously question whether the e-mails baby-butchers receive rival the primitive and animalistic hatred that permeates the death threats and vulgarity pro-lifers get on a daily basis. In my pro-life career I’ve noticed an interesting trend in e-mail and phone call exchanges regarding the topic of abortion. While pro-lifers painstakingly appeal to abortion clinics using Biblical precepts, scientific facts and polite conversation, pro-aborts tend to substitute what we old fashioned people like to call ‘productive dialogue’ with bestiality references and pornographic spam.

Other categories that NAF lists that normal people would not consider to be “extreme violence” include the “trespassing” of sidewalk counselors (2,343 incidents) and “vandalism”, including kids legally doodling pro-life messages on public pavement outside clinics in water soluble sidewalk chalk (1,389), for a total of 3,732 incidents.

This means that a total of 156,569 or over 98% of “terrorist” and “violent” incidents listed by the National Abortion Federation are not violence at all.

Pro-lifers need to realize that everything is “terrorism” to people who are steeped in the victim mentality. To pro-abortionists and clinic workers peaceful sit-ins are “terrorism”. Quiet picketing and prayer are “terrorism”. Cards and letters promising prayer for clinic workers are “terrorism”. Even doing nothing is “terrorism” to pro-aborts!

For example, the staff at the Portland Feminist Women’s Health Center expected a “rescue mission” from pro-lifers that never happened. For whatever reason, the peaceful prayer meet up was cancelled. One clinic worker remarked that, “The lesson I learned is that it’s still terrorism whether or not the threat is ever realized.” This means that even if some nutty feminist’s fevered imagination dreams up a threat that never happens, it’s still the fault of those crazy violent pro-lifers!

While clinic staff and pro-aborts are off in Lala Land bursting into weeping fits over imagined acts of non-violence, back in the real world we life activists deal with real threats that involve real aggression that often results in real bodily injury and death. While groups like Planned Parenthood like to gush over their deep concern for women, children and the disadvantaged, it’s interesting to note that supporters of Planned Parenthood who physically attack pro-lifers, primarily attack women, elderly, children and the handicapped, as shown in state-by-state documentation.

Groups like Human Life International have been documenting acts of real violence and illegal activities by pro-abortionists against pro-lifers that involve actual terrorism – none of the “hate mail and angry phone calls” nonsense and drivel.

In the entire history of the struggle over abortion, only 7 pro-abortion activists (including three abortionists) have been murdered. Compare that to the 520 murders by pro-aborts and the 360 fatal botched abortions by abortionists including: 145 pregnant women, 360 abortion clients, 71 other women, 110 born children, 164 wanted preborn children and 30 men. Due to the secretive nature of in-clinic violence against to-term babies, this number is likely FAR higher.

These are numbers that America remains blissfully unaware of. Paranoid abortionists and clinic staff like to pretend that they have to wear a bullet proof vest whenever they go out to dinner with the family, when the ones in danger are not the abortionists up to their elbows in baby puree inside the clinics, but the activists outside on the sidewalks pleading with women to choose life.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, more janitors, taxi drivers, bartenders, secretaries, hairdressers and cosmetologists have been killed on the job in a one year span versus abortionists in the entirety of the legality of their profession. Why are federal marshals not protecting janitors, taxi drivers and bartenders? Why are there no heavily-publicized task forces for them? If being a secretary or a hairdresser is much more dangerous than being an abortionist, why don’t we see the girls working at Sally’s Hair Salon posing for the cameras with bulletproof vests and glocks? Don’t the heroes of the elective procedure of hair care deserve some recognition for their bravery as well?

If you were to judge the state of pro-choice vs. pro-life violence off of the information provided by the mainstream media, you would think that all acts of violence originate from crazy religious thugs attacking poor helpless even-minded intellectuals. But again, when you check pro-choice fantasies to the real world, the numbers just don’t line up. The National Church Arson Task Force and the FBI have documented 827 actual and attempted arsons and bombings of churches and synagogues during the period of January 1, 1995 to October 5, 1999. Compare this to the NAF’s number of 61 actual and attempted arsons and bombings at abortion mills during the same period. In other words, for every empty abortion mill that is torched, fourteen churches and synagogues burn (often during hours when people are attending services).

Pro-choice precepts often rest upon lies, fabrications, medical inanities and comical hypocrisies. The ‘violent pro-lifer’ mythology is a perfect example of this. History shows that the pro-life movement is by far the most peaceful social movement in the history of the world. Every other social movement is guilty of far greater death and destruction, including the civil rights movement, the unionization movement, the anti-apartheid movement, the gay rights movement, and – of course – the pro-abortion movement.

When pro-aborts are confronted with the simple truths of pre-natal development and the undeniable presence of innocent human life in a pregnant womb, the peace-loving little darlings often decide to engage in the only form of dialogue they are most comfortable with – throwing tantrums and spewing vulgarities and hatred. The interesting and often comical atheistic versions of hellfire preaching unique to the God-denying pro-abort crowd contains a special breed of hatred and intensity that only an active abolitionist is privy to.

Fellow abolitionists, have you ever noticed the pompous air of superiority being flaunted by the “free thinking science-minded crowd”, all while they behave like fuming Neanderthals? Hell hath no fury like the veritable zoo of pro-choice half-wits beating on their chests and flinging anti-life poo. Perhaps this is the first documented case of de-evolution?

Anger, aggression and violence… should we expect anything different from those who support mass child murder?

All of this is to say (all joking and gallows humor aside), we cannot, should not and are commanded by our Savior to not to return hate with hate. The only way to pierce through the darkness of Satanic child slaughter, is with the light of God’s love emanating through our actions and our words. We are called to be Gods hands and feet in this fallen world.

So when you are assaulted by the sin drenched fury of those caught in the web of child slaughter for profit, don’t take it personally. Don’t get discouraged. Stand strong, stand firm and continue to stand for life. God bless!

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