Newborn Baby Found Abandoned in Dumpster in Merced, CA


Every day news articles remind us of how the abortion on demand culture has created a moral decline in respect for human life.

One such news article is from our own backyard, where a newborn baby was found abandoned in a dumpster in Merced, California. (Click here to read the full news article via Fox News.)

According to local news reports, a man searching for recyclables in a trash container found the abandoned newborn baby, unhurt and wrapped in a towel. The baby was reportedly covered in gnats and garbage, with her umbilical cord still attached. He quickly yelled for help, and a couple who lived nearby took the baby under their protection. While this story could have ended in tragedy, the baby was taken to an area hospital where she is doing well, according to police, and the parents who helped the baby and fished her out of the dumpster said they would like to adopt her.

Police later found the mother, who they said is 13-year-old girl who admitting to recently having the baby.

Now before we demonize the girl who is a classic case of children having children, let’s take a look at the environment this little girl grew up in:

This girl grew up in a society that told her that babies are disposable. If you don’t want a baby, you don’t have to have a baby. She was taught that her rights far exceed the rights of her child, regardless of that child’s age in the womb – it can be killed, or “aborted” up to birth. If, when this girl went into labor, she suddenly decided to exercise her “right” to abandon and discard her child… who in this death-centered culture can blame her for extending pro-abortion logic to her present circumstances?

It is time we, as a society, realize that when we hear of these tragic cases of “dumpster babies”, we are simply facing the terrible consequences of a generation that has grown up under abortion on demand.

The power of the strong to determine the fate of the weak has been inbred through laws and policies and classroom discussions on abortion. What would have been repellent to previous generations simply seems normal to this generation.

But there is good news! Among the young and the old, right here in the Central Valley, a backlash is taking place. People are sensing that something is desperately wrong when the strong dehumanize and kill the weak, inventing sanctimonious slogans to justify it. Many Christian pro-life activists are now defending the rights of unborn children and saving countless babies through sidewalk counseling and church and campus outreach.

The Abolitionist Society of Fresno, Tulare and Kings County is seeking to lead this charge in the fight for human rights for ALL people, born and unborn in the Central Valley.

If you could, right now, drive to a dumpster in Central Fresno and fish out a living baby that is about to die, would you do so? Would you do what you could to save that little life?

Because friends, our local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic makes that dumpster in Merced look like a beautiful bassinet and safe haven. EVERY SINGLE WEEK MULTIPLE BABIES ARE INTENTIONALLY AND SYSTEMATICALLY KILLED RIGHT HERE IN FRESNO, CALIFORNIA.

One of the most powerful and influential things you can do to jump in on this life-affirming and baby saving action is to join us on Friday mornings during sidewalk counseling at the local baby killing center. Lives can, will and have been saved when people step up and intercede on behalf of the weakest among us – precious, irreplaceable, and helpless abandoned babies. Will you join us in saving them?

Click on the Calendar tab in the menu selection above to view future and current outreach opportunities in the Central Valley.

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