Fresno Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts!

This week The Center of Medical Progress released  Video 6 (Human Capital Episode 2: Inside the Planned Parenthood Supply Site.) Further exposing Planned Parenthood for fetal tissue sells, (selling baby parts).  The old lie, and mantra, that a baby is “just a clump of cells”, is obviously not the reality of what Planned Parenthood executives and abortionists truly believe.   In the undercover videos the language used it not “clump of cells” as we have been told for years.  The language used is It’s another boy! (4th video).   The entire video series edited and unedited can be found  here.

In the 6th video ( (Human Capital Episode 2: Inside the Planned Parenthood Supply Site) a former abortion industry employee(Holly O’Donnell)  said this about the Fresno clinic, “Fresno was in actually an alley, the areas like Fresno, areas where its dirt cheap and the areas not good, there were so many, so many [abortions]. I would work for eight hours and there would be 40 something patients, it really wore me down. The environment, its morbid, like you can feel it. You can hear, you can hear screaming, you can hear crying…”  Holly also said that Abortionists Dr. Ron Berman in Fresno had a reputation for giving an abortion so fast it was like he was ripping the baby out with his hands.  She also said he would get impatient and angry  if there were no babies to kill.  Right to Life Central California also did a nice job on a article here about this and ways to get involved.

These videos have been doing a great job of waking people up to the disgusting wicked industry that gets money from killing and selling human parts.  People are starting to hear about this in their community and we actually had a couple leave Planned Parenthood today rather than give them their business because we were on the sidewalks and we reminded them of these videos.  Momentum seems to be swinging at the moment way from death and towards life. The parking lot was nearly empty the entire time we were out there, unlike the full parking lots that are seen in the 6th video of the Fresno abortion clinic.  Yet, the sidewalks were empty when we got there and after we left.  This needs to change.

David Jones put it this way “If we claim to be Christians and continue to support institutions like Planned Parenthood then we are the problem in this nation. Are we not liable as ones who know the law and will of God but do nothing? Doing nothing becomes no more than the sin of omission. Stand up child of God and do what is right before your Father. He will ask you about it one day.”

Good advise.  Christians are called to be salt and light, we affect the culture around us.  The fact that Fresno has this going on is evidence that we have been slacking and ignoring biblical principles we are called to practice in day to day life.  The time is now to get in this battle and be on the right side of history.  When the church wakes up and exposes this darkness abortion will be abolished.

“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”  Ephesians 5:11.













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