Choice on Earth… Ill Will Toward Men?


Christmas is less than a week away! During this merry holiday, as Christians nationwide are promoting the reason for the season, I can’t help but marvel at those who worship a Savior that they would have proudly seen dismembered and killed had Mary been pro-choice.

You see, Scriptures state that the Eternal Son did not begin his earthly pilgrimage as an infant in Bethlehem. He began it as a zygote in Nazareth. It is simply not possible to take the incarnation of God’s Son seriously and advocate abortion, which is unequivocally unborn baby slaughter.

Planned Parenthood and their ilk are still a little more advanced in their understanding of this simple fact than their pro-choice ‘Christian’ counterparts. They know that Christmas flies in the face of virtually everything they stand for. Christmas is about the gift of life – from the beauty of birth to eternal life in Christ the Lord. Abortion is all about destroying life. And that Jesus guy just keeps getting in their way.

The one thing that makes abortion mill workers pee their pants in fear is a pro-lifer armed with a Bible and a pamphlet with prenatal development details. Seriously, if you could broadcast an abortionists inner monologue at that dread sight, it would sound like an enormously prolonged little girl scream. I’m not discounting the hard and admirable work of faithless pro-life activists, but the truth is, Jesus Christ is the single individual most responsible for the thousands upon thousands of lives saved from the abortionist’s scalpel since 1973.

So pro-choicers figure, to attack Christian pro-lifers, they have to attack this Jesus guy they’re always talking about.

As a result, during the holiday season while Christ followers proudly proclaim “Peace on Earth” to the world and celebrate the birth of a baby boy, Margaret Sanger followers once again pervert Scripture and celebrate Planned Parenthoods “Choice on Earth” campaign, which celebrates the death of baby boys and girls worldwide.

In an interview a couple of years back, former Planned Parenthood president Gloria Feldt – who initiated the “Choice on Earth” slogan – stated that she intended the new motto to be a clear allusion to the biblical verse, Luke 2:13-14: “And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

Planned Parenthood is the largest profiteer in the American abortion industry and PP groupies are tireless advocates for the culture of death ideology. So naturally the holiday season is a wee bit uncomfortable for this anti-life, anti-family, anti-God crowd. The introduction of this little slogan of intolerant, sacrilegious, bigoted drivel gives the anti-lifers reason to be quite giddy. Finally! The next best Christmas maxim since “Bah Humbug”!

You’d think a little Christian gal like me would be mad or upset at this perversion of Scripture. But I’m thrilled. This is promising! Like a mouse running toward a cat when there’s no chance to outrun it, Planned Parenthood is only displaying their desperation. Folks, people don’t attack a non-threat. When you’re taking a swing at human rights injustices, the dogs that bark the loudest are the ones that got hit. And boy, are these anti-lifers barking!

Plus, it’s kind of funny. They’re like the kid who delights in getting hurt because, “That will show them!” and I can’t help but raise an eyebrow at the childish antics of the pro-aborts who openly adopt the Scripture that they loathe. As long as they’re running with Biblical themes, I almost want to encourage them to indulge themselves a little further. For instance, they could try, “Choice on Earth: Continuing Where King Herod Left Off”! Since Scripture clearly eludes them, pro-choice Christians will at least really dig the vibe of ‘making sure no infant interferes with your life’.

But here is where this slogan gets great. See, in substituting “Peace” for “Choice” (which is a clear synonym for abortion), they are openly highlighting – and in fact, inviting – a comparison between pro-life peace and pro-choice peace. So let’s do just that! Let’s take a look at the multiple definitions of “Peace” as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, and then we’ll go straight to the source and look at the various definitions of “Peace” as defined by Planned Parenthood staff over the years.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Definition (from the dictionary):

“Peace” –

  1. A state of tranquility or quiet
  2. Freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions
  3. Harmony in personal relations

Planned Parenthood’s Definition (from actual abortionists):

“Peace” –

“I’ll tell you one thing about D&E abortions. You never have to worry about a baby being born alive. I won’t describe D&E, other than to say that as a doctor, you are sitting there tearing – and I mean tearing, you need a lot of strength to do it – arms and legs off of thrashing babies and putting them in a stack on top of the table.”

“They took that little baby that was making little sounds and moving and kicking, and set it on that table in a cold, stainless steel bowl. Every time I would look over, I would see that little person moving in that bowl. And it kicked and moved less and less, of course, as time went on. I can remember going over and looking at the baby when it was still alive. You could see the chest was moving and the heart was beating.”

“It’s going to be weird now because you’re going to see the sono. You’re going to see the heart beating – little hearts, you know – and then, all of a sudden, you’re going to put this cardiac medicine in it to make it stop. To kill it. So you’re going to see the exact moment when you kill the fetus. And, I mean, it might be more humane, if the fetuses do feel something, why not kill it, you know, fast, rather than rip its leg off?”

“When you’re, you know, putting a fetus’s feet in over its head in a baggie, there’s just this brief moment of, “This could have been me”, which I fundamentally believe is okay. She should have the right to choose. But still…”

“I hate it when people put it together to look like a baby. I hate that. I don’t want to look at it when it’s like that because it’s like a broken doll, and that grosses me out.”

“Many health workers told me they ‘never look at the face’ when processing tissue.”

Yeah. The filth, the caked-up blood, the descriptions of broken bodies, bloody instruments and psychologically tortured abortionists and clinic staff just reeks of “Peace” to me. Far from being outraged, I feel truly sorry for the twisted freak shows with a god complex that derive a sense of “peace” from women moaning half-consciously while their slaughtered babies grind through a machine in a spray of watery gore.

Through sheer worldly idiocy and a blinding desire to attack pro-lifers, Planned Parenthood actually invites the comparison between “peace” and “choice” with the holiday slogan. So pro-lifers, let’s not complain, let’s compare! “Choice on Earth” is a celebration of slaughtered children and the worldly “peace” it brings. “Peace on Earth” is a celebration of the birth of Jesus, the long-awaited Messiah who promised, “I am leaving you with a gift, peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give isn’t like the peace the world gives. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” – John 14:27

Planned Parenthood is bending over backwards, trying desperately to make us troubled and afraid this holiday season. But what they don’t understand is that we serve a God that grants us a true sense of joy and a peace that passes understanding – even as we are attacked by godless men and women that are stained with the blood of butchered babies.

So don’t sweat it when pro-aborts and blinded ‘Christians’ mutilate “Peace on Earth”. Pity them. And embrace the comparison as a tool for promoting life and the real meaning of Christmas! These attacks from the enemy shouldn’t be a surprise and they certainly shouldn’t be discouraging. We are quite literally in the middle of a war for life. Of course we’re going to be attacked! That’s expected. Promised, even.

But rejoice! Proudly proclaim the reason for the season, and peace on earth, goodwill toward men. I don’t mean to give anything away, but I’ve read the rest of the Book… And we’re on the winning side.

Merry Christmas fellow abolitionists, and Happy New Year!

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