The Voiceless

The Voiceless:  Guest Post by Pastor David Morris, Grace Church of the Valley

Normally I’d be on a sidewalk outside of Planned Parenthood on this rainy Friday morning. However, for the last few days I’ve been sick and have lost most of my voice. Funny thing is that no one has even suggested that my life should end because I’ve temporarily lost my voice. No one has said that my life isn’t valuable just because I can’t say many words. But every day abortionists kill voiceless humans numbering into the thousands.

Part of the evil of abortion is its oppressive cruelty. Abortion takes a voiceless, defenseless human being and ends his or her life, in part merely because it can. The unborn cannot shout “stop” as the poison needle approaches their hearts. They cannot lobby the government for protection, cannot organize protest marches, cannot get interviews on the six o’clock news. They are voiceless in their death, silently slipping into their graves of medical waste containers.

Abortionists join a long but inglorious list of oppressors throughout human history. From the brutality of Attila the Hun to the raping and pillaging of the Vikings, from the final solution of Hitler to the four year multi-million killings of Pol Pot, from the human rights atrocities of Saddam to the current violence of ISIS, the strong have long taken advantage of the weak. But as in all those cases, might does not make right. It is not right to kill innocent human lives. Inability to resist, or how much stronger one person is than another, ought never justify oppression. Quite the opposite is true. Those with power have the moral and societal duty to do good to the weak, the vulnerable, the voiceless. Yet every day, abortion doctors use their power to destroy the weak instead of protecting them, to end life instead of nurturing it, to oppress the voiceless instead of caring for them.

But they are only voiceless if you plug your ears to the evidence. Their brain waves shout, “I’m a thinking, functioning human!” Every heart beat drums the reality of their life. Each unique piece of their DNA cries, “I’m not just another part of my mother. I’m my own life!” Their flinching, squirming reaction to the grip of forceps or invasion of needles demands either your recognition or your apathy, but in this day of medical evidence you cannot be ignorant that the unborn know and respond to pain.

The unborn are also voiceless only if you plug your ears to the pro-life movement. You can hear the unborn as we speak for them week in and week out. “I’m a person. It’s not right to kill me.” You can read it on our signs outside of abortion clinics across America. “Abortion stops my heart from beating.” You can hear it from the thousands at the annual March for Life. “You have killed thousands of us, but thousands you haven’t care about us.” You can read it in article after article arguing the medical, moral, or societal reasons abortion is wrong. You can hear it from faithful churches, repentant doctors, and grieving mothers. “I wasn’t just a medical procedure. I was a person.”

Finally, the unborn will remain voiceless only if we will not speak for them. Who will stand up for them if not us? If you have not taken any action for the unborn, why not? Would you ever knowingly allow your neighbors to be robbed and beaten without raising an alarm? Would you turn a blind eye to the gas chambers in your German neighborhood? Would you let your third-grade child be bullied day in and day out by that junior high thug? Ours is the responsibility to care for the weak, to defend the oppressed, to speak for the voiceless. 

And we will speak until there is no more need to speak. We will appeal for the abolition of human abortion until it ends or until our voices are silenced. When we look back on history, oppression will be seen as the evil that it is. And those who stood against the evil will also have their final vindication. Voiceless humans are being killed today. Are you for them or against them?


Pro-Life Hypocrisy Exposed: Regulating Abortion instead of Abolishing It.

Pro-Life Hypocrisy Exposed:  Regulating Abortion instead of Abolishing It.
There is a conflict of interest for professionals in the pro-life movement, they will be out of a job if abortion is abolished.  Maybe this is one reason why those “pro”-life groups are not supporting abolishing abortion bills.  You can know a tree by its fruit, and there is some rotten fruit in the pro-life movement.

Here is the evidence, you can examine it for yourself.  In 2016 Oklahoma tried to get a bill passed that would abolish abortion completely in Oklahoma.  Most would assume that National Right to Life and the statewide group “Oklahomans for Life” would get behind it, right?  Of course these “Pro” pro-life people would support it, they’re for life, right?  Well sadly, it turns out they did not support this bill.  https://abolishabortionok.com/does-oklahomans-for-life-really-oppose-the-bill-to-abolish-abortion/

Turns out National Right to Life, and local right to life groups are actually more pro regulating the abortion industry, than actually pro-life.  They like to fight for cleaner killing facilities, killing done with pain meds, and regulating abortion but not abolishing it.  They would rather defund Plan Parenthood, than actually criminalize abortion.  The fruit of the Right to Life groups and “Pro” pro-lifers, is similar to the pro-aborts mantra of wanting abortion safe, legal, and rare.   When given opportunities to abolish abortion completely again and again they are exposed for their hypocrisy.

The hypocrisy continued when Ohio had a chance to ban abortions after a baby’s heart is beating, but the pro-life groups, along with their “pro-life” governor John Kasich did not support the bill.  Instead they supported a bill that allowed unborn children to be killed up to 20 weeks. How can you really be pro-life when you’re okay with killing the unborn before 20 weeks, or before there is a heartbeat for that matter.  Rather than really being pro life, they were just pretending. (https://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/13/us/kasich-ohio-heartbeat-abortion-bill.html)

Like Ohio, Iowa and Tennessee also introduced bills to ban abortion after a baby’s heart is beating.   Unfortunately, also like Ohio, the national and local Right to Life groups in Tennessee and Iowa are not backing these bills.
Read about Iowa here: (http://nymag.com/thecut/2017/01/new-heartbeat-bill-in-congress-would-constitute-a-total-abortion-ban.html)
Read about Tennessee here: (http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/politics/2017/01/26/heartbeat-abortion-bill-introduced-tennessee-legislature/97086006)

Recently in Texas State Rep. Tony Tinderholt filled a bill to criminalize abortion in Texas.  He had to be placed under protection because he was receiving death threats following his filing of that bill.  The bill is for the abolition of abortion act HB 948.  The bill would protect all children in Texas beginning at fertilization: http://abolishabortiontx.com/

Like the other bills to ban abortion the Right to Life groups are not supporting it.   Some pro-life celebrities were reached out to to find out if they supported these bills.  Sadly, Abby Johnson does not.

16473028_10210273779573192_5999044443111996111_nRequest from other “Pro” Pro-lifer like Scott Klusendorf, Jill Stanek, Josh Braham, and Clinton Wilcox to see if they stood for the bill to abolish abortion in Texas were ignored.  Their silence is speaking to their position.  Why would we single out these various people and Right to Life? Simple, if you are sending them money you might be under the impression they are trying to abolish abortion, when if fact they are more interested in regulating abortion.  Or maybe you are thinking about having them come to speak at your church but  if they can’t throw their weight behind a bill that abolishes abortion they are salt-less and worthless. You either are for abolishing abortion or you’re not. If you are you get behind a bill to abolish it. If you’re not you hide in the shadows when bills like this come out and you should be exposed.

The fact that they are silent about this, or they oppose it outright exposes them.  Now prayerfully their hearts will change and they will say, “I support this bill and any bill to abolish abortion.” When that happens publically, this post will be updated.

People have speculated they are not openly supporting bills for abolition because they  think they will fail, like Abby.  Please pray for these people because they are displaying unbelieving faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God  (Hebrews 11:6).  Those being silent on this are being cowardly, faithless, and unbelieving which is right there with murderers (Rev 21:8).  This cowardliness gets unborn humans killed every day.

There is a reason cowardly, faithless, and unbelieving is mentioned right there with murder.   Our lack of urgency, fear of man, and apathy is why abortion has been legal 44 years and counting.   The truth is most of the sidewalks outside of the killing places are empty even though babies are saved when people show up.   Most of these professional speakers are too cowardly, to be on a sidewalk to save a life, they are cowardly, faithless, and unpleasing to God. And when the chance comes to abolish abortion they ignore it and do not support it.

Love for you unborn neighbor is not a spiritual gift, it is a command.

For those who don’t know what PAETTPLM means, “Put an end to the pro life movement” for the reasons mentioned above and work towards abolition if you’re really for life.

Update: “Brian Harris, president of Tennessee Right to Life, (on the heartbeat abortion ban)said the proposals seem well-intended but are unconstitutional under existing law and could harm ongoing legal cases if passed.”


A Couple Babies Possibly Saved

911Sometimes we forget what an impact we can have out at the killing place, but every time someone is convicted by our presence and leaves is a potential save.  We had a couple of those our last outreach.

We arrived at the death camp at 8:30 and realized it was closed for meetings until 10:30.  It was nice to have a quiet morning and an empty parking lot.  No two weeks are the same but this was rare.   We may have had two saves as two ladies ended up leaving and going to the Pregnancy care center. A small crowd began to gather outside the locked killing place door.   It was a captive audience and they heard about 10 minutes of Gospel truth preached before the doors unlocked.

One of these ladies waiting was hiding around the wall so she would not be seen by us. She would not come over to take the literature but you could see the weight of God’s Word was having an affect.  What may have been so easy if we had not been there was now a struggle.  She wasn’t able to just go into the slaughter house and have one of the workers smile at her and tell her it was no big deal and take a pill to kill her child.. She had heard the truth about “choice”. What about the child’s choice to live? If it’s all about choice surely we should care about the child’s choice. She had heard that not all choices are the right choice. Obviously, the “pro choice” champions are not okay with ISIS choice to cut peoples heads off.

She had seen the hypocrisy of the deathscort trying to prevent the waiting clients from receiving our materials and thinking about alternative choices. She was challenged by the fact that businesses that kill people don’t really care about people.

She was given the truth that if abortion was no big deal then woman and men would not feel regret, depression, and even suicidal after they terminated a life. This was more than a wisdom tooth being removed, or an appendix being taken out, no one feels guilt over that, it was a life being terminated– a life made in God’s image.

She heard that life begins at conception

The children struggled together within her Genesis 25:22

-When men strive together and hit a pregnant woman, so that her children come out, but there is no harm, the one who hit her shall surely be fined, as the woman’s husband shall impose on him, and he shall pay as the judges determine. But if there is harm, then you shall pay life for life, Exodus 21:22-23

The LORD called me from the womb, from the body of my mother he named my name. Isaiah 49:1

She also heard that children are a gift from God (Psalms 127:3). You shall not murder (Ex 20:13). Cursed is anyone who takes a reward to shed innocent blood (Deut 27:25). God hates hands that shed innocent blood (Pro 6:16), and that cowards will not have eternal life (Rev 21:8) it is cowardly to kill children and not trust God.

Why would I preach these hard truth that could obviously upset these people? Because the true victim is the one being murdered, not the one paying for the murder. The true victim does not have a voice and we are called to be that voice.

Open your mouth for the speechless, In the cause of all who are appointed to die. Open your mouth, judge righteously, And plead the cause of the poor and needy.” Proverbs 31:8-9

After the door opened to the death camp and everyone went inside, about 5 minutes later this lady who was hiding minutes earlier from hearing God’s Word almost ran over to me wanting the literature.

She told me she needed a pregnancy test and was a single mom living with her parents, already had one child and was being pressured by her mom to have an abortion if she was pregnant. We spent some time talking, she was going to the pregnancy care center and abortion was no longer an option for her.  Some of the ladies started counseling her as she started breaking down from a previous abortion she had. It was a beautiful sight to see God’s Holy Spirit working on her.

And when he comes, he will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment (John 16:8)

What a blessing when we simply believe and obey God’s Word.  When that happens lives can literally be saved now and for eternity. If you really want to grow in your walk and experience God make sure you leave the upper room of fellowship regularly and go to rescue those who are perishing, you won’t regret it.
Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter. Proverbs 24:11

Criminalize Abortion

The Pro-Life Delusion Exposed by Donald Trump (Argument 4 of 4)

Evangelicalism’s Abortion Inconsistencies: Guest Post by Pastor David Morris, Grace Church of the Valley

Here is the forth of four main arguments from pro-lifers explaining why women shouldn’t be punished for having an abortion even if it’s illegal. To understand the full context please read first argument here.

Argument 4. Women are victims in an abortion; therefore they shouldn’t be punished.

The final and perhaps most repeated argument urges us to avoid punishing women because
they are the victims in an abortion. This assertion is made because of the assumption that
women who have an abortion don’t actually want one, but are instead coerced, forced,
manipulated, or in other ways duped into having one. And there is no doubt that many pregnant
women, from the teenage girls to the secret mistresses, are fed immense pressure to get an
abortion. They get it from boyfriends, from their pimps, from a society that says an abortion is
just a medical procedure, from their selfish hearts that say escape the consequences of your
sin, from the fear of poverty or of a changed lifestyle. But does any of that pressure really mean
women are victims of abortion?

The victim card is one of our most powerful modern day trump cards. Invoke the power of
“victim” and anyone who disagrees with you is forced to surrender their arguments and
genuflect before your suffering. After all, if you’re a victim the last thing society should do is add
to your misery and undeserved treatment.
Lopez wrote, ““Women don’t need punishment. They
need compassion and support in processing what was a miserable and possibly coerced
decision.” Even more strongly, Lopez emphasized ““To treat them as equally culpable with the
professional abortionist is ludicrous and heartless.”

“Ludicrous” and “heartless.” Pretty powerful words, but are they true? Is it really so challenging
to reason that a woman who willingly asks someone to kill her baby is just as culpable as the
person who does it?
And if you can’t get all the way to “equally culpable,” can we at least agree
she is “somewhat culpable”? The woman did, after all, have a part in the sex that created the
baby. She did get to an abortion clinic somehow, did sign numerous consent forms somehow,
did make a “choice.”

In her Washington Post article, pro-choice writer Ruth Marcus laments that pro-lifers paint
women who have an abortion as mentally unsound and hence not responsible for their
decisions. It’s not just feminists who should have a problem with such a view of women. It’s
Bible believers who teach the depravity of humanity, of personal responsibility, and of a coming
judgement day for every individual.

Marcus makes a lot of sense in her article when she punctures the inconsistencies of the
exception clauses. “Indeed, if the fetus has a ‘fundamental individual right to life,’ why should it
matter in any way how the pregnancy came into being? Either abortion is the taking of a human
life — that is, murder — in which case it should not be permitted, or it isn’t. (To be clear, I’m in
the it-isn’t-murder camp.)”
She goes on to point out how last five Republican presidential
nominees supported exceptions for rape, incest, and the life of the mother because anything
else is out of step with the majority of voters. She insightfully probes, “Surely no prosecutor
would fail to bring charges against a mother who murdered her newborn child. If the fetus is in
the same legal position as a child, why not charge the mother?”

Yet Denny Burk linked to Marcus’s article and blamed Trump for the “specious” attacks now
coming against pro-lifers. It’s pretty ironic to me that Marcus seems to grasp a more consistent
pro-life position than many pro-lifers, despite the fact that she opposes it.

Underneath all these arguments, it’s hard not to have a sneaking suspicion that what pro-lifers
really mean to say is, “There’s no way people can handle us saying women should be punished;
therefore they shouldn’t be punished. It’s incredibly politically incorrect to say women should be
punished; therefore they shouldn’t be. People who think abortion is fine won’t like us saying
women should be punished; therefore they shouldn’t be. We can’t get people to think abortion is
wrong let alone criminal; therefore we shouldn’t even entertain the idea that women should be
We look like kooks already; therefore women shouldn’t be punished.”

In the end, and despite my complete disdain for Donald Trump as a politician in the Republican
Party, what he said wasn’t really all that far-fetched. He dared to suggest “some sort of
punishment” for women who got an abortion if it were illegal.
Not exactly Draconian extremism
to say “some sort,” and not really all that morally outrageous to say that people who break the
law should be punished by that law. In the end, perhaps all pro-lifers should face the facts. Do
we really mean it when we say abortion is murder? Don’t tell me what is politically expedient, or
what feels good to hurting people, or what makes us look best to a world fine with abortion. Tell
me what is right in the sight of God. And if it’s morally wrong to abort a baby, I’m all for
governmental laws reflecting God’s as much as possible.

In his argument against punishing women, Robby George wrote, “We are interested in saving
babies, not punishing mothers. And we know that we don’t need to punish mothers to save
babies.” With respect, that first sentence is called a false dichotomy. And as for the second? No,
Robby, we don’t know that we don’t need to punish mothers to save babies. Just look at the
numbers to see how many millions of mothers have already killed their babies.

Criminalize Abortion

The Pro-Life Delusion Exposed by Donald Trump (Argument 3 of 4)

Evangelicalism’s Abortion Inconsistencies: Guest Post by Pastor David Morris, Grace Church of the Valley

Here is the third of four main arguments from pro-lifers explaining why women shouldn’t be punished for having an abortion even if it’s illegal. To understand the full context please read first argument here.

Argument 3. Punishing a woman for abortion won’t stop abortions; therefore they shouldn’t be punished.

In her National Review article, Lopez quoted Frederica Mathewes-Green who said, “The goal of
abortion laws is to stop abortion. And the person to stop is not the woman, who may have only
one abortion in her life, but the doctor who thinks it a good idea to sit on a stool all day aborting
babies. End the abortion business and you end abortion. The suggestion that it’s necessary to
punish post-abortion women reveals a taste for vengeance.” Lopez went on to argue that law
enforcement priorities meant hitting higher up on the food chain (the abortionists) and that
“common sense” tells us not to punish women for having an abortion. Joe Carter used similar
arguments from the law enforcement side, saying that it would be easier to prosecute
abortionists if women weren’t treated as accomplices.

No law will ever “stop” every human being from choosing sin. But it should be a deterrent to
those who want to do evil and, having failed to deter them, punish them as justly and fairly as
The Romans 13 vision of a good government includes these words: “For rulers are
not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority?
Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God’s servant for your good.
But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of
God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer.” Is paying for and getting an
abortion good conduct or bad? Should someone wanting an abortion have no fear of our legal
system? Are women agreeing to kill their children doing what is good, deserving to be approved
and recognized by God’s servant, the government? Or is having an abortion “wrong”, justly
making women afraid to have that abortion?
Does God have wrath on those who get an
Does having an abortion make a woman a “wrongdoer,” justifying government for
enacting some version of earthly justice that reflects God’s moral pronouncement? And in
Mathewes-Green argument, is it really a small thing that a woman “may have only one abortion
in her life”? Do we really want our government saying, “You get one free kill in your lifetime. As
long as you only hire one hit-man, you won’t be held responsible.”

If that sounds overly harsh to you, you probably don’t particularly care for the concept of God’s
wrath and punishment in the first place. But good governments reflect God’s perspective on its
citizens’ behaviors. Have we stopped stealing by making it a crime? Obviously not, but stealing
should remain a crime because that’s an accurate reflection of God’s perspective.
I am all for
prosecuting abortionists. But why say it is either/or? Is it really that inaccurate of a comparison
to look at laws that prosecute the hit man who does the killing as well as the murderous
husband who paid that hit man? Is the husband really free of guilt before God simply because
he didn’t pull the trigger?

To use another illustration with a crime that involves women, what about prostitution? (That is
still illegal, right?) Even though prostitutes often are victimized by pimps, and even though they
certainly suffer deep trauma and experience emotional pain, and even though their choice is
often influenced by societal factors like poverty, a just legal society would not punish just the
Johns and the pimps. Our laws haven’t stopped prostitution either, but I don’t think we would
argue that the person to stop is not the woman, who is just one prostitute, but the pimp who
thinks it a good idea to drive around all day pimping women. Why not stop them both?

To read fourth argument click here

Criminalize Abortion

The Pro-Life Delusion Exposed by Donald Trump (Argument 2 of 4 )

Evangelicalism’s Abortion Inconistencies: Guest Post by Pastor David Morris Grace Church of the Valley

Here is the second of four main arguments from pro-lifers explaining why women shouldn’t be punished for having an abortion even if it’s illegal. To understand the full context please read first argument here.

Argument 2. We’ve never historically punished women for having abortions: therefore they shouldn’t be

A lot of pro-lifers jumped on Trump’s statement as evidence that he was out of touch with the
pro-life movement because the pro-life movement has never wanted or caused women to be
punished for having an abortion. In making the historical case, Joe Carter at The Gospel
Coalition points to an 1878 Minnesota Supreme Court case against an abortionist who killed
Helen Clayton in a failed abortion. Her husband who was in the room was deemed an
Helen wasn’t because, besides the fact that she was dead, in the court’s mind “the
public welfare demands the application of this rule” and the “wisdom of experience” justifies this
exception. The exception was from calling a woman who has an abortion an accomplice,
despite the apparent inconsistency of passing over the fact that the woman is someone “who
solicits the commission of an offense, and willingly submits to its being committed upon her own

With little apologies to the Minnesota Supreme Court, I’m pretty sure Christians should know
better than to take our moral guidance from the highest courts of our land, even in 1878. Just
consider the history of how well our high courts have applied rules and used the wisdom of
experience to get us these 43 years and 54 million abortions after Roe v. Wade.

Just because women never have been punished doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be. It just means
we’ve always stopped short of truly criminalizing abortion. After all, what other crime do we allow
people to commit and not be penalizing for?
Only the crimes we really don’t care about, if any.
Only anarchy says that laws shouldn’t be enforced, and if the blessed day ever came that
abortion was illegal it’d make sense to punish anyone who flouted that law.

In his article, Carter goes on to argue that the best case scenario in a fallen world is to hope for
an imperfect justice. He argues that “some justice is better than no justice at all.” Besides
sounding defeatist, it’s hard to see how we’d determine when to settle for such an imperfect,
godless justice. Carter wants us to be satisfied if we can slow abortion down, or pursue justice
for the unborn against some of our society. But what justice minimizes the crucial role of the
woman in this murder? No abortion doctor drags women kicking and screaming into his killing
room. Even under the coercion of family, culture, or emotion, the sad fact is that women really
are choosing. And it’s an evil, bad choice they make, a choice that ought to be illegal.

If it helps, consider a different issue long since settled. Let’s say the slavery abolitionists thought
about how costly a war between North and South would be. They considered how strongly
Southerners held to their sinful opinion that it was a right to own slaves. “Better some justice
than none,” they agreed. “Let’s just abolish slavery in the North and settle for allowing slavery in
the South.” Besides avoiding a lot of bloodshed and adding more years of sinful and shameful
treatment of fellow humans, the abolitionists would have sacrificed the rightful demand for full
justice. It’s right for us to want full justice, and for too long pro-lifers have tried to take partial
steps well short of the abolition of abortion. Limiting what trimester abortions can happen in,
making abortions “pain free” for the unborn, making exceptions for rape and incest—all these
still fall short of God’s standard to not kill.

A woman who asks, pays for, and chooses an abortion is directly culpable for the death of her
child. And if our laws were just, the abortion would be illegal and the woman’s moral guilt would
also include some amount of civil guilt. Ever wonder if our refusal to pursue civil guilt is part of
the reason pro-choicers remain unconvinced of a sense of moral guilt?

Go to argument 3 here

Criminalize Abortion

The Pro-Life Delusion Exposed by Donald Trump (Argument 1 of 4)

Evangelicalism’s Abortion Inconistencies: Guest Post by Pastor David Morris, Grace Church of the Valley

In yet another headline creator, Donald Trump recently stated there should be some sort of
punishment for women who have an abortion before being quickly forced to retract yet another
politically incorrect statement. While pro-choice advocates jumped on Trump’s first statement
with both feet, a surprising group joined the hue and cry. Pro-lifers decried Trump’s statement
too, claiming pro-life never took such a position, writing blogs to explain why women shouldn’t
be punished for having an abortion, and generally calling foul on any attempt from the left to
make them look bad.

Which is all well and good. Except it isn’t. At least, not for me. I’m having a hard time working
through this one, even though some of the voices I’m hearing are from men whom I respect,
whose work to end abortion has been more consistent and impactful than mine, and who are
reliable biblical and moral advisers in a lot of areas. All of which contributes to my
disappointment and confusion.

There’s probably no way I can write what I’m thinking without appearing cold-hearted or
vindictive to some. But let me tell you up front what my motivations are before you assume. I
love people, the moral authority of the Bible, logical consistency, and the pro-life movement.
These are what motivate me to write to you who are self-identified pro-lifers. We are allies and
we are friends. But I’m troubled by the majority, in fact the only, opinion I’ve heard until now on
this issue. So here’s how it looks from here. Abortion should be criminalized because God says
murdering a person is wrong, and a child in the womb is a person. Therefore, people who
murder another person should be punished in some form. Punishment should extend to anyone
who commits the act of murder, assists the murderer in his act, or solicits a murder to be done.

From what I’ve read today, here are four main arguments from pro-lifers explaining why women
shouldn’t be punished for having an abortion even if it’s illegal.

1. It’s painful for women to have abortions; therefore they shouldn’t be punished.

In her National Review article “Please Politics, Help, Don’t Cause More Hurt on Abortion,”
Kathryn Jean Lopez urges us to remember the pain of abortion any time we talk about it. She
writes about the damaging effect abortion is known to have on women, how they suffer and are
in tremendous pain and changed. She writes about the need for mercy and for something “more
humane” in caring for the very real women who visit abortion clinics.

Mercy and caring and love ought to mark all true followers of Christ, including its extension to
women who abort their children. But Trump wasn’t remarking on our attitude and motivations;
rather, it was a statement about law and justice. Should we really say illegal activity shouldn’t be
punished merely because the criminal is suffering? Is that morally right?

For instance, let’s say a drunk driver crashes into a car, killing a family of four. In the crash, the
drunk driver breaks his back, several ribs, and a leg. Only the heartless would enjoy the drunk’s
pain and misery. And only the unjust would say he shouldn’t be punished since the crash
caused him great suffering too.

I hate the pain and suffering abortion, like all sin, causes. I feel for those women marked by
shame and guilt. But is the solution to feeling someone else’s pain to excuse their illegal act?
And while we’re speaking of compassion and mercy, we haven’t forgotten to feel bad for the
pain and suffering caused the aborted child have we? We haven’t failed to want justice for them
and the very inhumane end their lives came to, have we? It’s easy to feel compassion for the
crying woman in front of you; it’s godly to feel compassion for the little one who will never tug at
your heart strings because he or she never got to see the light of day.

Would it hurt a woman who had an illegal abortion to face some sort of punishment? In a
manner of speaking, yes. But not nearly as much hurt as she caused her child, whom we should
definitely also feel mercy towards. So does a woman’s pain rule out punishment for a crime?

Go to argument 2 here


How Many Churches Unintentionally Support Abortion?

Imagine there is a group of terrorist living in the country. They blend in so well that they are unrecognizable by their appearance.

This group really has no working moral compass, their consciences have been so seared that the reality of right and wrong no longer is a concept that even crosses their mind.  They are narcissistic, and believe that the world revolves around them. They have no integrity when it comes to money.  They have no integrity when it comes to morality, they will do whatever feels good in the moment to satisfy their selfish desires.  They can rationalize and justify anything, even murder.

They support the killing of innocent civilians, because these civilians are an inconvenience to them. They have killed over 60 million innocent civilians in their country in a 40 plus year war.  They stay busy and distracted by other injustices in the world to keep their focus off this injustice.

Even though their selfish ways slowly and absolutely ruin their lives and hurt those around them, they still insist on doing things their way.   They are indifferent towards a better path to take.  They are on the broad path to destruction.  This broad path to destruction that leads to and supports death is a mega freeway, and most are on it.

There are off ramps from this mega freeway that lead to a narrow road that is difficult to follow.  Different strategies are taken to get those off the wide road and over to the narrow one.

The most common one is to set up local rest stops along the freeway in the hope drivers will pull over for a break and have a listen to those who speak at the rest stops.  Unfortunately, there is a conflict because most of these rest stop are expensive to operate and need a lot of travelers to stop by.  Therefore, those who speak really try to make those stopping by comfortable, in the hope that they will keep stopping by.   The rest stop workers have dreams of building a bigger rest stop to attract more travelers so they do things that entertain travelers to get them to stop by.

The rest stop workers don’t want to scare the travelers so they never warn them about where the mega freeway leads.  The workers also don’t want to offend the terrorists, so they treat the terrorists as victims, and let them continue in their narcissism.  Keep in mind, while money is being given to the rest stops, the true victims – the ones who are killed – are entirely ignored.    

The rest stop workers avoid sharing how difficult the narrow path is because they don’t want to discourage anyone.  The narrow path is so narrow you can’t bring your baggage with you – the rest stop workers never mention that. Many travelers never get on the narrow path because they won’t leave their infested baggage behind.. no one that works at the rest stop ever tells them they have to!

In this parable, (as you may have guessed), the terrorist are those who hurt others for gain – including murdering the unborn. 

Unfortunately, the rest stops are how many churches in America are currently run. 

The baggage is sin, and leaving it behind is repentance. 

Does your rest stop talk about sin and repentance or is it just a professional lecture each week on topics that keep people comfortable?  Most churches ignore and careless about the injustice of the unborn being slaughtered and are too cowardly to openly stand against the murder of the unborn.  (Maybe if the unborn could tithe it would be different.)

Is YOUR church speaking out against the sin of abortion that has infiltrated our nation? Does YOUR church seek to rescue those being led to slaughter? Or in the great highway of life, does your place of fellowship just serve as an entertaining rest stop while terrorism runs rampant?

But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty.  For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy,  heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good,  treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,  having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.  For among them are those who creep into households and capture weak women, burdened with sins and led astray by various passions, always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth (2 Timothy 1:7)


Does God Care About the Fire Threatening Hume Lake Christian Camp More than Babies being Murdered?

Does God Care About the Fire Threatening Hume Lake Christian Camp More than Babies being Murdered?

I would argue God cares more about the babies being murdered but the local church cares more about the fires.   Here is why.

First this question needs to be asked because while the churches and pastors are nearly silent on abortion and babies parts being sold, right here in Fresno, they are not so silent about requesting prayer for protection of Hume Lake Camp.  It seems a little ironic that while the church is basically ignoring the unborn they are asking God to protect Hume.

This was posted less than 24 hours ago and there are around 3,000 likes and 6,000 shares.

Hume picAlso around the same time yesterday The Center Of Medical Progress released another video.  This is the 7th video exposing Planned Parenthood for killing fully living intact babies, you can view it here.  This was shared around the same time frame yesterday as the Hume Lake post, but unlike the Hume post local churches are ignoring it.

Center of Medical Progress Photo


I doubt the church really thinks God cares more about the fire that is currently burning close to Hume but it does beg the question why are they ignoring abortion.   Especially when lives are literally being destroyed by this evil.

Here are some example of a mega churches in Fresno that have nothing on their Facebook pages about abortion but are asking for prayer for Hume.

the well


the bridge


























The tide is turning, what side of history are you going to be on.