California Facts and Statistics Regarding Public School Sex-Ed Programs, STIs and Unplanned Pregnancies


Hello California abortion abolitionists! This is just another quick information brush up post, so we can increase our understanding of the cultural climate in which God has sent us.

Regarding Public School Sex-Ed:

Most women who are of childbearing age approaching abortion clinics for their “services” are a product of a public school education that inevitably includes sex-ed as part of their educational curriculum. Understanding how California public schools approach sexual education is relevant to all sidewalk counselors speaking to women “educated” in the public school system.

Nationwide, a third of all school districts now require abstinence-only sex education programs, and more than 80 percent require that their programs emphasize abstinence. However:

– California is one of only 2 states that ban the promotion of mention of religion in sex education.

– California is one of only 18 states to require that sex education must include information and immediate access to state funded contraception.

– California is one of only 9 states to require an “inclusive” (lebian, gay, bisexual and transgender) perspectives on sexual orientation in sex-ed curriculums. (This includes describing in detail sexual intercourse between LGBT couples to students.)

– California is one of 23 states that have rejected Title V abstinence-only federal funding.

Regarding STIs:

Many women approaching abortion providers like Planned Parenthood do so for STD testing and treatment. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, every day about 8,000 American young people (aged 15 to 19) are infected with a sexually transmitted disease. In California specifically:

– Gonorrhea and syphilis rates have shot up by 13% and 18%, respectively, between 2012-2013, according to a report by the California Department of Health.

– The above report indicates that the highest incidents of STDs were found to occur in groups of youths between the ages of 15 and 24.

– Statewide, the two most affected groups of STDs are youths and members of the LGBT community.

Regarding Unplanned Pregnancies:

Since the implementation of abstinence education, there has been a noticeable drop in teen pregnancy rates and sexual activity rates. U.S. teen pregnancy and birth rates have declined dramatically over the past two decades and are now at historic lows. The Centers for Disease Control also report a decrease in teen abortions nationwide. According to the CDC, the percentage of teens abstaining from sex rose from 46 to 52 percent, with most remarkable increases in areas with abstinence-based education. In California:

– When looking at women in California overall, not just teens, 53% of all pregnancies are described by women themselves as unplanned.

– The teen pregnancy rate, which includes all pregnancies rather than just those that resulted in a birth, has fallen steeply. As of 2010 (the most recent data available), the rate was 59 pregnancies per 1,000 teen girls (age 15-19); some 80,970 teen pregnancies.

– The teen pregnancy rate has declined by 62% since 1988. Since 2008, the teen pregnancy rate has changed by declined by 18%.

What We Can Conclude:

It is clear that abstinence and faith-based sex-ed curriculums work in lowering the rate of STDs and unplanned pregnancies among youth.

It is also clear that California youth are at a severe disadvantage, as California is one of the more anti-abstinence educators in the public school system. STD rates are skyrocketing in California youth (and pro-abortion giants like Planned Parenthood reap the benefits in new “customers”) because of our glorification of sex in the public school realm.

Even so, unplanned pregnancy rates and abortion rates are dropping through grassroots movements and sidewalk educators.

It’s clear that when adults underestimate young people’s ability to stand up for what’s right and to hold high standards, young people respond in kind. We need to raise the bar.. not lower it. When approaching young people outside abortion clinics, keep in mind that you may be the FIRST to tell a misled youth that you believe in her ability to respect herself, control herself and do the right thing.

Hope you learned something new and helpful in your fight for life! Until next time, God Bless and stay strong!

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