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Friday Morning Outreach in Fresno

Here are some photo of this Friday morning outreach. What is your church doing to stop the shedding of innocent blood? If we charted a bus and put 10,000 dollars on each seat and invited the church to join us the sidewalks be filled with church members. God’s reward for obedience is more valuable than […]

Abort Any Idea of Planned Parenthood Involvement

This opinion letter by Visalia resident Lois Manning was published this week in the Visalia Times Delta newspaper, in response to Planned Parenthood opening a new office in Visalia, California. Tulare County ranks between first and second in the number of teen births in the state. A “wedding” between College of the Sequoias and Planned […]

75% of Americans Feel “Strongly” About Abortion

In an extensive survey of Americans, James Patterson and Peter Kim discovered that among issues people feel strongly about, abortion was number one – even above such hot issues as alcohol abuse, homelessness, the death penalty, pornography and flag burning. A full 75 percent of Americans felt strongly about abortion one way or another. For […]

How Many Abortions Have YOU Paid For?

The majority of Americans wouldn’t invest in a company that conspires in sexual crimes against children, accepts racially-motivated donations, promotes pornography to kids, devotes millions to the election of pro-abortion leaders, and uses unsanitary equipment to treat patients. Yet, Planned Parenthood receives almost a third of its money – roughly $545.4 million per year – […]

Why You MUST Choose a Side in the Abortion Debate

Abortion is the most frequently performed surgery on adults in America. One out of four babies conceived in the United States is surgically aborted (with an unknown but growing number of chemical abortions). Since about 49 percent of all pregnancies are unplanned, this means about half of unplanned pregnancies are terminated by abortion. Abortions outnumber […]

News From the Frontlines in Fresno

Last weeks morning’s outreach/sidewalk counseling time things that stood out: – More “pro-life Christians” go into Planned Parenthood than sidewalk counsel outside. 415 evangelical / protestant denominations in Fresno country and sidewalks are empty on most days. – One hostile lady wanted to make sure to let us know we were bad people for being […]

Why Are Cultural Trends Shifting?

“Why are cultural trends shifting? Because modernity has played out its destructive logical consequences. All the ideologies, all the utopian promises that have marked this century have proven utterly bankrupt. Americans have achieved what modernism presented as life’s greatest shining purpose: individual autonomy, the right to do what one chooses. Yet this has not produced […]