Sidewalk Counselors

Abolitionists: Central California Wants You on the Sidewalks of Killing Centers

Sidewalk Counselors

The Central Valley – in fact, the majority of Americans – WANT sidewalk counselors outside of abortion clinics.

Groups like Planned Parenthood work very hard to give pro-lifers a bad rap. Ask any Planned Parenthood employee or abortion clinic sympathizer and they will tell you… Sidewalk counselors are bullies, abusers, and all around mean people who do nothing but attack and demonize women and make them feel bad.

The tiny human being shredded in its mothers womb is nothing to concern yourself about, in fact, don’t even think about it. But those sidewalk counselors? Meanie heads, all of them! ….or so the pro-abort narrative goes.

So why is it, then, that according to the most recent Gallup poll on the issue, when Americans were asked if they would be in favor of, “A law requiring doctors to inform patients about certain possible risks of abortion before performing the procedure” an overwhelming 87% said they are in favor of such a law? 

Likewise, when asked if they would be in favor of, “A law requiring doctors to inform patients about alternatives to abortion before performing the procedure”, again an overwhelming 88% said they would be in favor.

If the majority of Americans want to see it become a mandatory law that ALL women be informed about the risks and alternatives to abortion prior to ANY single abortion procedure – and it is a fact that the groups performing abortions are currently NOT extending this information, and are in fact misleading women on these points – then what, exactly, do they think sidewalk counselors are doing?

Sidewalk counselors, in a nutshell, “inform patients about possible risks of abortion” and “inform patients about alternatives to abortion before the procedure”. They also offer prayer, support and Christian fellowship to the women who are seen as little more than cattle to be hustled through a meat grinder.

When you dig down past the brainwashed knee-jerk reaction of Planned Parenthood-induced sidewalk counselor phobia and loathing, the simple fact is – America overwhelmingly WANTS sidewalk counselors to keep doing what they are doing. As the Gallup poll illustrates, if America had it’s way, it would be a requirement that every single woman marching her unborn child to his execution be notified of the risks and alternatives.

So if you feel the “we don’t like you” vibe emanating from those who’s paycheck rests on the constant flow of fresh meat into their abortion stirrups – don’t let it get you down. America has got your back. Even if she doesn’t fully realize it at times.

Not to mention, we serve a mighty God. And if He is for you, tell me… who can POSSIBLY hope to stand against you? God bless and we hope to see you on the sidewalks soon!

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