Sidewalk Counselors

A good day of sidewalk counseling

It was a good day side walk counseling and sharing the gospel at Planned Parenthood in Fresno today. Scot brought his sons and nephews and they did a wonderful job even in the face of persecution from a screaming lady who stopped her car blocking one lane of traffic to yell at them for standing up for right. She claimed to be a Christian through her angry rant. We encouraged the young men by reminding them that she is angry with God and not them.

Personally I had the chance to speak to a young woman named Kirby, 26 years old, who had had an abortion at age 22 when she had been pimped out by her cousin. She actually believed that it was better off for the baby to be aborted than to bring it into the situation she was in at the time. I reminded that it was wrong even though she believed she had God’s approval for her action. Kirby was and is anti-abortion and pro-life in her view but was totally mixed up in her beliefs. She said she would probably go to hell if she died tonight and that opened up for me an opportunity to tell her that God didn’t want her to go there. I shared the Gospel with her and told her what Jesus had already done for her. I asked her to steer other girls away from Planned Parenthood even though she said she has been going there all of her life. Kirby is currently the mother of a couple of children whom she loves. Pray for Kirby.

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